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People in a Pandemic – Things we can do to be kind

It is an unprecedented situation we as a generation currently find ourselves in and it is one we must all take on together. This time has made me think how thankful I am for the people I care about and how in touch I feel with nature and the world around me when I’m allowed outside for small moments. Yet stress and fear still feels at capacity and our way of life is truly being tested. It is understandable the lengths people are going to in order to feel safe, yet their actions are negatively impacting others due to fear of preserving oneself. Measures are needed to be taken to spread kindness in this uncertain time and reach out to others – metaphorically of course. Here are some ways in which we can offer assistance and be kind to both ourselves and each other.

Hands up for Hygiene  

It is most important that we keep ourselves and others protected as much as possible by regularly washing our hands to reduce the spread of the virus. Soap and water is our friends through this as we remember to wash our hands often, particularly after being outside, in public spaces, if we sneeze or cough and when we return home. This can drastically stop us from passing on anything to others. Along with hand washing, we can regularly disinfect any door handles, surfaces or large points of contact, particularly at your place of work if you are a key worker! Hopefully your job has already been in touch to inform you of the government recommendations about a safe workspace.

Home is where the Heart is

If you are able to work from home or your job has closed to keep the public safe, then take advantage of this unusual time at home. It is understandable that this decision can bring forth both feelings of anxiety and loneliness but just know we are beside you all the way! We live in an age where communication is exceptional through the power of technology and you will stay connected with us at every moment. Reach out to your friends and family and even people online and start conversations, they are all feeling the same way. Other things you can do with your time at home can be to read new books (a lot of publishers are delivering to homes!), catch up on shows, write that piece you’ve been putting off, take up yoga (free tutorials on YouTube to do at home) and maybe even just catch up on sleep or have a couple of duvet days. Whatever you do, just remember it is important to do what makes you feel calm and safe in this situation. Another way to try remain calm is to download an app to overcome stress and worry. One in particular is the Feeling Good app from the NHS which helps to relax both mind and body!

Feeling Good NHS app for anxiety

Love Thy Neighbour

It is more important now than ever to support the people around us as it will make a huge difference. Particularly the elderly, small businesses and low paid workers. The onslaught of fear that has convinced people to stockpile is causing immediate strain on these people as many are taking more than they need and completely abandoning their concern for others. It is unnecessary to stockpile as, regardless of a lockdown, stores will remain open to provide for the isolated. Elderly, who are most at risk, need these more than yourself as they will be asked to stay at home for much longer. So if you have elderly neighbours please reach out to them and offer assistance. If you have local business still open please purchase your food from them, take-away or delivery is fine if you are worried. Your support will be the reason they keep afloat at this time. It is the small things that you usually do every day, but if we look past the fear, we can see these actions can literally change the world!    

My local coffee shop 🙂 [pre-lockdown]

Thank you for reading and feel free to message at any time. We can all play our part in getting through this unfortunate situation together. Stay safe!


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