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Beginning a Bookstagram

The publishing industry is of course highly competitive and with the consequences of Covid, the stakes have been raised even higher. Whilst that is unfortunate news to hear and the stress of job hunting has been a considerable drain, I wanted to offer any help in gaining skills whilst taking time away from those long applications.

Having a book Instagram is a good way to meet likeminded people, get used to reviewing books and is evidential to your passion for publishing. It isn’t always a hobby to people and anyone who has a book Instagram is likely aware of its benefits. However, I still wanted to offer my assistance for anyone who is just starting out or needs an extra boost on their page.

I don’t have as many followers as others, but I do have a marketing degree and experience optimising social media for clients and believe it is one of the best ways (aside from a blog) to get your voice out there and show what you love. So here is my advice:

  • Hashtags are a priority on a public account. You can have around a max of 30 hashtags so make sure to use them optimally. Google which hashtags work best for the post and look at other similar pages to see what they are using. Change it up from time to time to see what works best. They will spread your post further than your followers.
  • Post everyday and interact regularly. People need to know that you’re an engaging account and worth the follow. Have a day to create a few posts to schedule so that it isn’t taking up a lot of your time every day.
  • You don’t have to have the newest phone to take premium looking pictures. However, I would recommend downloading a photoshop app such as Lightroom and practice editing pictures on there before instantly uploading them onto your account. It makes them look a lot more professional. Editing your pictures to have the same filters will keep a consistency and add to your aesthetic. Instagram is focused on pictures, it is important to look pleasing to the eye.
  • Switching your account to a business account means that you will receive insight into regular activity such as who is looking at your posts and the most optimal time to be posting. It really helps to figure out a time schedule and what works. You can change to business account by going into your settings – account – switch to business account
  • Overall, just remain consistently engaging. Post on your story, share other work you love (crediting, of course), ask questions in your posts and comment on other accounts. It’s all about gaining connections and discussing interests, that’s what social media is all about!

For those of you also interested in Publishing in general, I would recommend joining the Facebook group Publishing Hopefuls where they offer advice for any other questions you have. I’m also happy to answer any questions!

Good luck in your Instagram endeavours and I will happily be one of your followers. I’m @beyondabookshelf_

See you there!       


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