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Gilmore Girls and The Snow Globe Effect

Time in isolation has been a difficult period, full of endless days and anxious uncertainty. Most of us have directed our attention to the screen to try and find solace or merely distraction within the plots. I’ve come to find that, in times of anxiousness, I drift back to what I know and revel in that comfort. The ambiguity of a new movie or TV show, not knowing what emotions it will invoke, has the ability to leave me feeling worse. So when I feel stressed, I stick with what I know. I most certainly know Gilmore Girls, and I’m about to argue as to why it is one of the best shows to watch in isolation.

It has what I like to call ‘The Snow Globe Effect’ for a multitude of reasons and no, it’s not because they mention snow all the time. Firstly, the entire show feels like you are in a safe, little glass bubble. It is set in an idyllic, sleepy town called Stars Hollow, with most episodes firmly located there. You follow Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory around this town, getting acquainted with all its buildings, features and inhabitants. You start to recognise everything, where people live and what they do and it brings a sense of reassurance in knowing your surroundings. Call me boring, but this soothes my anxiety more than anything else.

Gilmore Girls – Rory (left) and Lorelai (right)

 Secondly, you find yourself following a routine with Lorelai. She goes to the same market for her food, she goes to Luke’s diner for coffee every day and she has dinner with her parents Friday nights. She meets the same people on her journey, with many characters rarely being found outside the scene they first originated. Her friend Sookie is cooking up a storm in the kitchen of their Inn. Luke is often found pouring coffee behind the counter. Kirk is, well, everywhere, but you come to find that endearing. This idea of a routine, one that may be similar to many before lockdown, brings a deep level of comfort by filling a gap that the pandemic took. A mundane routine you actually now miss doing.

Gilmore Girls – Stars Hollow

Now, I’m not saying Gilmore Girls doesn’t have it’s flaws. I could write a whole other article. I wrote this to analyse my feelings for the show and hopefully offer comfort to someone else if they also have a brain that functions similarly to mine. It’s full of laughter, wholesome moments and sarcastic wit. The dialogue in this show is its strongest point, and you become wrapped up in the stories of these characters and the drama of the town. It condenses the world and in doing so, shrinks the weight of our current reality. It’s the best show to watch in isolation to feel like you’re not and for that I’m grateful.


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