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Book Review: Ten Things About Writing by Joanne Harris

“Writing for pleasure… allows us to harness our creative energy and gives us a sense of achievement. It’s cheaper than therapy.”

Joanne Harris

I felt like I had finally found an author’s goldmine when I discovered Ten Things About Writing. What once started as a Twitter thread of advice for readers, turned into a handy book for easy reference. Harris has successfully catalogued all the answers to my writing questions in one compact book for ultimate convenience. From beginning the very first sentence of your novel to finding the right agent, this book focuses intently on each stage of the process.

Harris knows her stuff when it comes to writing and has kindly collected her wisdom to pass on to the aspiring novelists. Not only does she offer advice and guidance throughout the journey, but she also invites you to start finding your voice and your own creative process.

She is articulate and patient through every step. Beginning with organising your workspace, managing time and generating ideas, you will feel completely confident in your abilities before even writing a word. Having each section broken down into digestible tasks also makes for a more fun and unintimidating experience. No page is wasted as Harris then guides you through to the final stages of being published and the decisions thereafter.  

Her humorous voice will become your friend as you dive into your story and build from each page. She knows the difficulties of the industry and the pressures it can derive and comes to reassure. From her twenty years of experience, Harris intends to inspire the disheartened and create transparency for the lost. She knows every journey is different and hopes her knowledge will offer up something new and worthwhile. As a reader and writer, I can assure you it certainly does. This is a book I know I will continue to refer back to for years to come.


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